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About the Artist

"My ideals are beauty, harmony and symmetry, the same ideals as artists working during the Renaissance Age. My goal is to inspire you, as I have been inspired by others throughout the ages."

Lisa Wray is one of the earliest pioneers of the visual graphic media arts, developing her unique style more than two decades ago in 1983, when the Internet and the Digital Age were just dawning.

Wray describes a day where she had just completed several pieces of art, and was wondering what to call her style. This led her to the book, Artists on Art, an anthology edited by Robert Goldwater and Marco Reves from the end of the Middle Ages to the Second World War (14th - 20th centuries). As Lisa began reading what the artists had written in their role of artist, she was drawn to Giorgio DeChircio, and felt that his thoughts and ideas most closely resembled her own. She was surprised to learn that his "Metaphysical Painting", which he later abandoned "must be counted among the most original and influential of twentieth-century styles." Wray has sought to resurrect the style and decided to call her work "Renaissance of Metaphysical ImageryŽ".

Many of Lisa's early pieces were hand drawn with traditional media such as colored pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic and oil paints. Years later, when computers started to become accessible (desktop publishing), Lisa was intrigued with the new software and digital tools that started to emerge on the market, allowing her to explore her diversity in the source of her inspiration. "I spent about three years working with some of my traditional artwork, scanning it into the computer and experimenting with the various tools, plug-ins and color controls. At that time, the only archival printing media output that I could find was called an Oil Based Dye Transfer."

Lisa relies on the discovery of life to influence her pieces. "I rely on music, literature, artwork, and people to inspire me, reaching inside myself for answers." Lisa often finds motivation from some of her most beautiful visual pieces in nature. "I find that natural objects, such as skeletal bones, pieces of wood, feathers, flowers, and even death itself are a source of creative inspiration. My goals are beauty, harmony and symmetry."

"I feel, I live the pictures - Gyual Oldal, Hungary"

"Thank You. I love Your Art. It felt so Abundant and Free and Beautiful ... Divine like. It tells about who you are and where you come from. - Nachi Ma, India"

"When I found your artwork, I felt as though I was looking in a mirror. I felt a bond with you intellectually and spiritually through your work." - Mark R. Blacknell, Hawaii"