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  Aubusson   Forever Autumn   Perpetuity 
  Aubusson Khaki   Forever Blue   Perpetuity Avocado 
  Aubusson Green   Forever Pink   Perpetuity Banana 
  Aubusson Multi   Forever Orange   Perpetuity Blackberry

  Aqua Leaves Quilt   Glass   Royal Fractal
  Green Leaves Quilt   Purple Glass   Royal Tapestry 3
  Tutti Fruiti Quilt   Red Glass   Royal Tile
  Tutti Fruiti Quilt III   Yellowblue Glass   Royal Fractal Red

  Beginning   Gypsy Lilac   Shamrock
  Beginning Quatro II   Gypsy Strawberry   Shamrock II
  Beginning III   Gypsy Lilac Strawberry Rose   Shamrock IV
  Beginning IV   Gypsy Rose   Shamrock V

  Blade III   Hook Rug   Sketch Blue Green
  Blade IV   Hook Rug II   Sketch Orange Green
  Blade V   Hook Rug Weave   Sketch Red
  Blade VI   Hook Rug Weave II   Sketch Multi

  Blue Purple Petal Quilt   Hydrangea Square I   Snowflake
  Blue Green Petal Quilt   Hydrangea Square II   Snowflake II
  Blue Petal Quilt   Hydrangea Square III   Snowflake III
  Blue Tile Petal Quilt   Hydrangea Square IV   Snowflake IV

  Blue Tile Soft Quilt   Impression   American Snowflower
  Blue Tile Fuschia   Impression II   Garden Snowflower
  Blue Tile Emerald   Impression III   Orange Snowflower
  Blue Tile Pink   Impression IV   Summer Snowflower

  Chain Tile   Iris   Snowseries Blue
  Chain Tile Aqua   Iris Border   Snowseries Maroon
  Chain Tile Orange   Iris Blue   Snowseries Purple IV
  Chain Tile Pink   Iris Purple   Snowseries Wood II

  Dusty   Mexican Tile   Soft Rainbow Tile
  Dusty Blue   Mexican Tile II   Soft Rainbow Tile II
  Dusty Rose   Mexican Tile III   Soft Rainbow Tile III
  Dusty Violet   Mexican Tile IV   Soft Rainbow Tile IV

  Flower Tapestry Green   Mosaic   Twirl
  Flower Tapestry Orange   Mosaic Antique   Twirl Abstract
  Flower Tapestry Purple   Mosaic Antique Green   Twirl Greenblue
  Flower Tapestry Yellow   Mosaic Patterned   Twirl Pattern Quilt

  Fishes   Navajo Pillow Quilt   Wreath Tile Blue
  Blue Fishes   Navajo Pillow Quilt II   Wreath Tile Green
  Green Fishes   Navajo Pillow Quilt III   Wreath Tile Orange
  Purple Fishes   Navajo Pillow Quilt IV   Wreath Tile Red

  Flower Blue   Pansies Cherry   Wings Vortex
  Flower Multi   Pansies Brown   Wings Vortex Aqua
  Flower Orange   Pansies Purple   Wings Vortex Purplered
  Flower Red   Pansies Maroon   Wings Vortex Variation

  Foil   Patchwork Quilt Blue     
  Foil II   Patchwork Quilt Denim Heart     
  Foil III   Patchwork Quilt Heart     
  Foil IV   Patchwork Quilt Heart II     
  Midi music: Song of the Wolf, Brave Warrior, Earth and Sky, Necromancer, Maiden of the Wood, Buffalo Dance, Rainmaker, Sacred Ground, Dance of the Wolf and Spirit of the Wolf copyright by Élan Michaels and Walden Whitham. All other midi music copyright Élan Michaels.