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Poems and Prayers with The Sorceress Art

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Poems & Prayers Art Giftshop - The Sorceress Art

When the night wind howls and the woods are alive, the mistress of magic sends forth an ancient call, as passion rises and falls in the pale moonlight, she surrenders to the midnight hour ... Sorceress of the Dreamtime, with steely eyes of indigo blue, wise and wondrous ~ moon clad is she. *Tis bliss to ride the dragon through ancient corridors of time Dream weaver ~ record keeper dare she reveal hidden mysteries on this holy night? She stands poised between the worlds ever ready for future flight on dreamy misted eves. Sojourner, Lady of the Mystic Isle, lost kingdoms are yours to command Breath of Fire ~ illuminate these sacred hours Shape Shifter ~ seekers have sought you for millennia, such good friends are these. And always she remembers when fairies danced in wooded glade and magic reigned supreme. So, do not tarry from the well-trod path *lest the dragon carry thee to far off lands to cast thy dreams upon the mighty waters and breathe life into the ethers 'Yes, when the veil wears thin, only the fearless dare enter in. Sorceress of a million nights, keeper of the holy grail take us to thy sacred chamber Where one sip from the ancient cup calls us to remember ...the dream and the dreamer are one. - Jacqueline McDonald

Hand printed on 100% cotton paper with archival pigments. Ships Flat.
  • 8x10 fits 8x10 frame, no mat required. If matting, 8x10 art fits 11x14 standard mat opening.
  • 11x14 fits 11x14 frame, no mat required. If matting, 11x14 art fits 16x20 standard mat opening.
  • 16x20 fits 16x20 frame, no mat required.
  • 5x7 Art Cards, Blank Inside. With Envelope.

  • Quantity:

    Poems & Prayers Art Options:
    8" x 10" Art : $18.00
    11" x 14" Art: $24.00
    16" x 20" Art: $40.00
    11x14 with cherry color wood frame: $45.00
    (4) Art Cards (same card) with envelopes: $16.00

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